v7.8.0 lastVersion=[007000000] -v007008000 (May 10, 2019) --NewFeatures: New "Jump Host" feature: to get logs from an SFTP server that you cannot connect to directly (from LogMX), you can now use another "jump host" (like an SFTP proxy) to connect to first, then this "jump host" will connect to the final SFTP server for you, to fetch your logs Can now use the Statistics features (Distribution+Activity) with any kind of log entry field, instead of just Emitter/Thread/Level (even user-defined fields) Can now also import/export Statistics settings --Changes: If LogMX runs out of memory when loading multiple log files, it now doesn't try to load the remaining log files anymore (see forum) In the window to pick a local log file to open, now providing 2 new file filters (for "*.log" files, and for compressed files), and now supporting any custom filter (e.g. "*.mylog") entered in the file name text field [Security] Now signing all Windows installers and binaries (DLLs + EXEs) using both SHA-256 and SHA-1 (instead of just SHA-1) --Bugfixes: When an empty log file was opened in AutoRefreh mode, the AutoRefresh feature seemed ON but was actually automatically turned OFF and needed to be manually restarted once the log file was populated (now keeping it ON, and the log entries are automatically showing up when available) -v007007000 (April 15, 2019) --NewFeatures: Can now display only a range of log entries, this range being defined by the first and last selected entries (right-click on the log entries table, menu item "Filter entries" > "Display only this entries range") (see forum) New option to change the log entries table font (useful to use a Monospaced font for example for logs relying on characters alignment) (see forum) New option to choose whether or not to draw the log entries table cells borders (see forum) --Changes: In Bookmarks window, now displaying a tooltip if the bookmark name or bookmark URL doesn't fit in its cell Added items "Maximize/Restore entry details panel" in menu "Window" (with keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+M), which have the same effect than the already existing double-click on Entry details panel toolbar (see forum) Can now clear Correlation results through new button in Correlation dialog (see forum) -v007006000 (March 6, 2019) --NewFeatures: Can now save and load Profiles for log entries table columns --Changes: When LogMX runs out of available memory, now providing a better feedback: text in memory panel tooltip explaining what to do ; when memory usage is greater than 90% now using blinking red/black colors for memory panel (non-blinking red if 70%-90%) ; for investigation, now logging low memory alerts --Bugfixes: Sorry, unable to update LogMX v7.5.0 to this version directly from the app, please manually download the new version (see https://logmx.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=46#p46 for help) - Fixed the in-app updater so that it will work to update LogMX v7.6.0 If the wrong encoding was used to open logs having some specific non-ASCII characters, the log entries table could become all white When using the SocketManager (e.g. for Log4j/Logback Socket Appenders), the "Flush entries" feature didn't work while AutoRefresh was enabled -v007005000 (January 15, 2019) --Bugfixes: In-app updater was not able to start -v007004000 (January 14, 2019) --NewFeatures: Can now create a Log4j/Logback Pattern Parser by simply importing your Log4j/Logback configuration file Can now set the foreground color of each log level Can now reset the log levels color using 3 different Themes: "Bright" (legacy), "Soft" (softer colors), or "Dark" --Changes: [SECURITY] Updated JSch (library to handle SFTP/SCP connections) from v0.1.53 to v0.1.55: fixed vulnerability CVS-2016-5725, bug fixes, minor new features [SECURITY] Updated JCIFS (library to handle SMB connections) from v1.3.18 to v1.3.19: fixed a vulnerability in the NTLM underlying protocol By default, now using softer colors for log levels (using the new "Soft" color theme) Now supporting the characters "Y", "L", and "u" in Date Formats (were introduced in Java 8, but are rarely used) Now displaying the Java version+arch in "About" window (more convenient for investigation, compared to the System properties window) --Bugfixes: [SECURITY] Fix a vulnerability (man-in-the-middle attack) during in-app updates (now properly checking downloaded updates integrity+authenticity) Console mode process didn't end in some cases, once all the tasks were completed -v007003000 (October 8, 2018) --Changes: In Parser creation dialog, when browsing for a test file to load, now also displaying hidden files Slightly reduced memory footprint thanks to lazy image loading Now displaying the "Export" menu item in the "File" menu as well When using Socket Manager, made it more clear when a third-party JAR is missing --Bugfixes: On Windows, fixed a case where the log file currently monitored in Tail mode could not be rotated by the process writing to this log file. Fixed a UI bug that occurred when the "Open logs wizard" was used and its option "Custom log format" was picked: in the Parser creation dialog that was opened, the Date format field could not be used because it could never keep the focus (for all kind of Parsers) -v007002000 (August 6, 2018) --NewFeatures: Can now organize bookmarks in a tree instead of a flat list (now using hierarchical structure with folders) --Changes: Improved start time, and reduced memory footprint thanks to lazy image loading Can now do more actions (search, copy, export, ...) on a tab when another tab is loading Updated website URL in docs (http://www.logmx.com => https://logmx.com) Now using HTTPS instead of HTTP to connect to LogMX website (check for updates, bug reports, ...) [Windows installer] Now including Java 8 update 181 (instead of 8 update 60), to allow, amongst other things, the use of LogMX website SSL certificate to check for new versions Added missing App Version in macOS native app metadata (only "short version" was set, not "version") --Bugfixes: Fixed the "Search online" feature that didn't work properly if the searched text contained special characters When a Java Class Parser was exported by a Windows machine, it couldn't be successfully be imported on a macOS/Linux machine (source and class files couldn't be extracted from the export file) -v007001000 (May 28, 2018) --NewFeatures: Can now search online (Google, Stack Overflow, ...) the text selected in the log entry details panel (can also add/edit/remove search engines) --Changes: Now providing a DMG package to install LogMX on macOS more easily (TGZ/ZIP archives still contain macOS binaries in case you prefer that) --Bugfixes: When the option "Sort emitters by name" was toggled in the Emitters tree, the previously hidden emitters appeared as displayed, but their entries were actually still hidden When opening some logs in AutoRefresh mode with the log level slider set on a log level more critical than all current log entries (i.e. all entries filtered out), new incoming log entries were lost until the user closed the dialog explaining why no log entries were displayed