Saving a Bookmark with dynamic date in file name

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Saving a Bookmark with dynamic date in file name

Post by scalabrese » Wed Jun 11, 2014 2:42 pm

Is there any way to create a Bookmark for a file such as C:\logs\mylog_20140611.log where 20140611 is the current date. If so, are there other options here that can allow even more manipulation. For instance if I wanted all logs for today and I had files such as C:\logs\myinputlog_20140611log and C:\logs\myoutputlog_20140611.log, could I use something like C:\logs\my*_{today}.log to pick them both up or something like C:\logs\my*_{today-1}.log to get yesterday's logs?

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Re: Saving a Bookmark with dynamic date in file name

Post by admin » Wed Jun 11, 2014 6:31 pm


Sorry but there is no such feature at this time.
Here is the best you can do:
  • Add a bookmark for "C:\logs\mylog_2014.log", then each time you want to open a file like "C:\logs\mylog_20140611.log", open this bookmark, close the error message telling you that the file was not found, and complete this file name in the address bar and type ENTER.
  • In Tools > Options > General enter "C:\logs" in "Default Open directory". This way, when you open the "Open file" dialog, the current directory will always be "C:\logs": you will just have to double-click your file in this directory or type "20140611.log" for example.
  • Using a LogMX Professional version, extend the LocalFileManager (or write/extend your own Manager) to handle tokens like "%d" in filename to replace it with the current date.

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