Need quick tutorial of LogMX to start with..

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Need quick tutorial of LogMX to start with..

Post by Ooshmi » Wed Apr 22, 2015 3:52 pm

hi all,

I was looking for Java log monitoring and got this @LogMX@ as this shows it can monitoring files from server, single file and multiple files.

I have installed it successfully but its showing Parser not available for this search.
My log files are stored in local machine and text files.

Please if someone can show quicks video or tutorial showing how to read java files for first time. it will be helpful.

many thanks.

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Re: Need quick tutorial of LogMX to start with..

Post by admin » Wed Apr 22, 2015 6:38 pm


Unfortunately, there is no documentation explaining this at this time.
Generally, creating a new LogMX Parser is quite straight forward, but it may depend on your logs format.
When you try to open a log file and LogMX tells you there’s no suitable Parser for this file, it proposes you to create a new Parser now. Simply answer yes, and create your parser in the window that appears:
  • If your logs are produced with Logback or Log4j v1/v2, then it’s very easy: simply copy/paste your pattern (found in Log4j/Logback configuration file) in LogMX (please let me know if you need help to setup your Logback/Log4j parser)
  • Else, please send me an example of your log files, I will send you a LogMX Parser, and explain you how to create such Parser if you want
PS: you may prefer to use e-mail ( or private messages on this forum to communicate your logs)


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