Add new column, delta time between prev entry

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Add new column, delta time between prev entry

Post by blak3r »

I'd love if there was another column that you could turn on that displayed the amount of time between that row and the previous row.

In otherwords, I don't want to manually pick each entry and then click the time button. Just want it to show up. Then, a really pro feature on top of that would be a color formatting based on the elapsed time between events... 0-200ms = Color1, 200-1000ms = Color 2, 1000-7000 = Color 3... Note this color would just apply to the column not the whole row so it doesn't conflict with the INFO, DEBUG, etc colors.

I think that would give a really great visual indicator as to what events happened all around the same time and which ones didn't.
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Re: Add new column, delta time between prev entry

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Hello black3r,

Nice idea. Have you tried the "Correlation" feature? (In menu "Tools", item "Correlate"). LogMX will add a horizontal bold line between log entries when their delta-t are greater than the given time.

Else, you can achieve your need by creating/modifying your Parser: it will compute the time elapsed between each entry and the previous one, and add this result in a new user-defined field "Delta-t". Of course, this LogMX Parser shall be a "Java class" Parser (see

Anyway, we're adding this idea to our new features todo list, thank you.

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