Feature Request: Overwrite ID

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Feature Request: Overwrite ID

Post by tmVipa » Mon Sep 12, 2011 10:44 am

We have faded out the ID generated by LogMX. Instead of this, we are using a user defined
field called LogID. With this solution we will not have the possibilitie to observe automatically if
the LogID is continuous.
So We would like to the possibility to overwrite the ID generated by LogMX with our own, sent
with the LogMessage (Parsersetting) and a property like "Alert if ID jumps".

We hope this can be realized in the near future.

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Re: Feature Request: Overwrite ID

Post by admin » Mon Sep 12, 2011 7:26 pm


I'm not sure I totally understand what you want to do, and what "continuous" means for a log ID (do you mean the mathematical "increasing function", or that each log entry ID is equal to 'previous ID + 1').
For what I understood, I don't think that overriding the Log ID is the solution.
You may for example write a simple Java Class Parser to check that each log ID is "continuous", and if it is not the case, you could, for example:
  • Display a message to the user (graphical or in the console), or
  • Change the log entry level (e.g. ERROR), or
  • Set a new specific user-defined field to a specific value that will raise a LogMX alert (e.g. new user-defined field named "Continuous", set to "no" instead of "yes" ; using an Alert of type "when {Continuous} equals to {no}")
Please note that when an Alert is triggered, LogMX can either: play a sound, move the LogMX window on top of all the others, send an e-mail, execute a program, and/or simply log the alert.
Please let me know if one of these solutions suits you well, I will write a Java Class Parser for you.


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