Cherry-pick multiple emitters in tree view

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Cherry-pick multiple emitters in tree view

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It would be useful to cherry-pick multiple emitters in the tree view and hide other emitters. Currently I'm having to use a regex filter on emitter and pipe-concatenate the emitters of interest.
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Re: Cherry-pick multiple emitters in tree view

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I'm not sure what you have already tried (sorry if you already did), but you can:
  1. Right-click on any node in the tree view and select "Show only package and children" (if all the emitters you want to see are under the same node)
  2. If after solution 1, you need a few more emitters that are not under the selected node, you can then click on the node icon (package icon or "E" icon) to re-enable any node (recursively)
  3. Once you have the right set of emitters selected (through solutions 1 and 2 for example), you can save this "filtering state" using menu "Filter" > "Filtering States..." > "Save current filter state [as]...". This will remember (among other things) the emitters to hide (not the one the show), so you want to save this state when all your usual emitters have emitted some logs (or you could filter them out later as they show up and re-save the Filtering state). Later on, you can then restore this Filtering state using menu "Filter" > "Filtering States..." > "[your_filtering_state_name]"
  4. Create your series of custom Filters to re-use them: menu "Filter" > "Filter entries" then in the combo box (drop-down menu) that appears, select "Emitter", then enter your filter (eg "contains X", "NOT contains Y", ...). If you need more filters, you can click the green right "+" button at the right. Once you're satisfied with you filters, you can easily re-apply it at any time using the Star icon at the right.
Please let me know if you still have trouble filtering by emitters.

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