make it easier to reload after parser failure

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make it easier to reload after parser failure

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While developing my java parser, I've found it a bit annoying that if it breaks during instantiation, if you pick the wrong option it makes it impossible to reload the file later.

What happens is it pops up the error box about the instantiation error. Then it says it will look for other parsers. Then when it doesn't find a suitable one, it will give you a prompt to configuration a new parser now (yes/no/cancel). If you click No there, you can then hit F5 to reload. If you hit Cancel instead, then F5 doesn't work. Unless there's some technical hurdle, I would think you should be able to reload whether you hit No or Cancel.

And really, come to think of it, what is the real effective difference between the No and Cancel option on that box? Other than the F5 behavior, is it just that one loads the raw log and the other doesn't? Is it because sometimes pressing Cancel might save you some time of loading a large/slow file?
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Re: make it easier to reload after parser failure

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When we can, we try to add a "Cancel" option so that if the user doesn't understand the question or doesn't understand the consequences of the choice that [s]he has to make, this option "Cancel" basically means "Mmh... not sure, forget about it, don't do anything" :D. It's a subtle UX thing that is sometimes useful.

In this case, option "Yes" will obviously help you set up your Parser, "No" will open the log file in raw text mode, and "Cancel" will just cancel the file load, leaving the tab in its current state (i.e. interrupted file load). As you mentioned, choosing "Cancel" in this case is useful if the file is really big, so you don't have to wait for LogMX to read all the file for raw-text mode, if you don't want to.
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