updating startup.conf JAVA_PATH

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updating startup.conf JAVA_PATH

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I am trying to get around a problem having Java15 installed on my MacOS. I cannot launch LogMx since it is looking for a .dylib in the wrong place for Java15. So I edited the startup.conf JAVA_PATH to point to a Java8 JDK. I have used two paths since I was not exactly sure of the ending


In both cases LogMx starts up, shows the logo and then quits. There is nothing in the log to indicate the problem. Can you give me some advice?
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Re: updating startup.conf JAVA_PATH

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LogMX runs fine on our end with Java 15 on macOS (Java 15.0.1), as well as Java 8. As for JAVA_PATH, it should work if you point to /Home/bin, /Home/bin/, /Home, or /Home. Here are a few things you can try:
  1. Look at the LogMX log files ("LogMX*.log*" in your home directory), to see if some errors happen during LogMX startup
  2. Temporarily move your file "<LogMX-Directory>/config/logmx.properties" to another location (or rename the file), to start LogMX with a fresh configuration
  3. Start LogMX through the terminal using the command "<LogMX-Directory>/LogMX.app/Contents/MacOS/LogMX" and check the output
If you still have issues, please let me know your macOS version, and if your device is using an Apple M1 chip. Please also send me any log file you were able to collect.

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