Passing Credentials in URL for HTTP Log Manager

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Passing Credentials in URL for HTTP Log Manager

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I am trying to access some logs via HTTP with a username and password (Basic Auth) in LogMX v5.3.4. I've attempted to use the URL format: http://<microsoft domain>\<username>:<password>@<host>/<directory>/<file>.log but I get a 'Warning' saying that <url> seems to be an IPv6 address (':' character found), so it should be surrounded by brackets (RFC 5952)... etc.

Does LogMX support basic auth credentials passed via the URL for an IPv4 address? If so what is the format?


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Re: Passing Credentials in URL for HTTP Log Manager

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The format for HTTP URLs with an IP v4 address and Basic Auth is:

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For security reasons, you can't include your password in the URL (because the URL is saved/displayed). But if LogMX doesn't know the password for the given username, LogMX will ask you to enter it (with the option to save it for future usage).

But you don't really need to know this syntax. You can simply use the menu "File" > "Open log(s)...", and pick the Log Manager "HTTP file manager" at the top of the dialog, and fill in the form (host/port/file/login). Your logs will now open and you can check the generated URL at the top in the toolbar if you're curious :)

Let me know!
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