Hide and Show rows for context outside of a filter

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Hide and Show rows for context outside of a filter

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I have been doing some heavy duty searching and filtering on a log file and I would like a couple of options to dynamically hide and show rows in the table outside of a filter.

The first idea is to show more "context" for a row. For example, if I do a filter operation and see 3 log entries of ID=1, ID=50, ID=100, then I might pick the 2nd row in the table with ID=50 and want to see 10 rows before ID=50. I haven't been able to construct the right combinations of AND and OR criteria to make this work. This would be a way to add more rows to the display without having to search for them or use the filtering option. I was thinking it would be appropriate for the right-click menu on a row.

(I realize this simple example could be done with ID filters, but my real-life case is much more complicated)

The second idea is similar, to be able to arbitrarily click on a row and hide it. Maybe I get a filter setup to see the rows I need, but I want to select a block of rows and hide them to remove some rows that aren't applicable.

If you refresh the display, or re-run the filter, the state of these rows that were hidden or shown is forgotten and you get back to the pure filter display.
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