The universal log analyzer Log analyzer
Parse any log format
using customizable & plugable Log Parsers
  • Use built-in Parsers (for common formats like Log4j, Logback, Syslog, ...)
  • Create new Parsers within LogMX, thanks to graphical editors
  • Create new Parsers in Java (one abstract class to implement by Parser)
Read logs from any data source
using customizable & plugable Log Managers
  • Use built-in Managers (e.g. local files, SFTP/SCP, FTP/FTPS, HTTP, TCP/UDP, ...)
  • Create new Managers in Java (one abstract class to implement by Manager)
Monitor logs in real time
for single data source or merged data sources
  • Log events are displayed automatically in real time as they are generated (like Tail does)
  • Monitor local or remote applications/systems, and perform log analysis operations on this live logs stream
Use powerful log analysis features
  • LogMX includes many powerful features to ease log analysis like filter, search, sort, merge, monitor, export, alert, calendar, statistics, ...
  • At any time, you can easily filter log events by log level and log emitter, but you can also create and save advanced filters
LogMX: parse any log formatParse any log format
LogMX: read logs from any data sourceRead logs from any
data source
LogMX: monitor logs in real-timeMonitor logs in
Use powerful log-analysis featuresUse powerful log-
analysis features
What is LogMX?
What is LogMX? LogMX is an intuitive and cross-platform tool, for developers and administrators analyzing log files.

Using a nice and powerful graphical interface, LogMX parses, displays and monitors any logs from any source.
Why using LogMX?
LogMX will save you a lot of time and effort when analyzing logs:
No need to use several tools if you have several log formats from many sources. LogMX is not just reading log files, it parses log events from any file or data stream, in order to display a structured view of your logs. No need to install a web server or update your logs producers, LogMX is a standalone application weighing only about 8 MB (but does a lot for you!)

Using LogMX, you can quickly locate events in your logs, filter some events, monitor your logs in real-time, make time calculations, monitor a merged view of several interlaced logs, and many more... Once you have used LogMX, you will not want to read logs without it!

You will always be able to use LogMX no matter how the logs are formated or where they are:
 • If your logs do not use a common log format, simply describe this format in LogMX graphical interface.
 • If your logs cannot be accessed using a common protocol, write your own plugin to access it.
Why using LogMX?
Who uses LogMX?
Who uses LogMX?
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